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Personalized Soulful Mandalas

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The totality of our identity is found in the consciousness, body and spirit of our unique nature. This “Whole Life” self gives many clues to the underlying issues that may be limiting success. As a Medium, I will be observing the smallest bits of data to see implications that reveal meaningful patterns in ordinary actions and behavior. As such, I am able to synthesize disparate phenomena into a more cohesive and inclusive meta-framework, thereby going deep into the roots of these frameworks and revealing truths that may otherwise prove to be elusive.


In my role as a Medium, I assist people in developing their intuition and a deeper understanding of the truths that lie therein. The identification of this authentic self allows for a more accurate starting point in one’s development, serving as a checkpoint or inventory to better create a plan of action designed to positively transform one’s life.


The principal block to our ability to identify and act on our intuition is fear. When we start to trust how real and powerful intuition is, we can improve our lives.


I partner with clients to develop their intuition and manage their thoughts and emotions so they can:

- Transform their health

- Recognize and achieve their goals

- Improve their relationships

- Strengthen their spirituality

- Manifest financial abundance

- Fulfill their value, especially during challenging times.


For an additional fee, personalized Mandalas or “Soul Art” are created to enhance the overall healing experience.

My email address is


Session fees:  $95/one-half hour,  $175/hour

Gallery Readings are available.

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I offer individualized sessions. These one-on-one channeled sessions help facilitate spiritual understanding and look into imagery significant to personal awareness. (This process is described below.)


Mandalas are sacred symbols used for meditation, prayer, and provide healing for both adults and children. Mandalas have been shown in clinical studies to boost the immune system, reduce stress and pain, lower blood pressure, promote sleep and ease depression.

I began practicing my innate psychic abilities in 1988. Working as a trance-channel and spiritual healer I create mandalas to empower those seeking to improve their lives. These channeled mandalas utilize sacred geometry and reflect one’s higher consciousness. They serve as a catalyst for deep, spiritual awakening.

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This photo was taken March 2019. My artwork was part of a juried show held by

The Center for Contemporary Arts in Bedminster, New Jersey.


What to expect during an individualized session.

(Each session has three parts)

Part One, The Intake: 

During this time I conduct a brief channeled reading. Trans-channeling is the means by which I set my conscious self aside in order to allow another being, a non-physical or spirit being, to speak through my body. This reading will help to gain a conscious participation in the process. Individual belief systems that may be hampering your spiritual development will be identified. The depth of the trance will be done in full respect of what works best for each person.


Readings can be done in person or remotely by Skype. In some cases, a photograph will be ample information to begin the Mandala’s creation. After the session I often receive an image of what best describes a healing thought. In some cases, in addition to a verbal description, a rough sketch will be provided. The speed and clarity of the session is greatly influenced by the openness of the client.


Part Two, The Mandala Creation:

Each design is inspired by a person’s individual spiritual identity. I would say the inspiration comes from their higher self. The Mandalas purpose is to reconnect the person with this higher vibrational energetic self, eliciting a calm relaxed state. People describe feeling entranced by the Mandala. It seems to inspire meditation. When I am concentrating on someone an image comes to me. I see it in my imagination and envision it somewhere in the top right of my visual field. I then quickly draw the Mandala. Once I have it on paper I create the Mandala as a vector illustration on the computer. While doing this I enter my own meditative state. Hours just fly by. Sometimes, I receive words as part of  a meditative chant. Once the vector is finished I render the line drawing in shades of gray. The vector version or line artwork is the most difficult part of the process. It is the outline with which the B&W tonal and color versions are created. I get a strong emotional feeling once the design is complete. I feel more like a facilitator than an artisan. Each design represents an idea that could be enjoyed by similarly minded people. Some Mandalas are more universal than others. They are all unique.


Part Three, The Presentation and Explanation of the Mandala: 

I have found that most people get more out  of  the  Mandala than I can describe. This is a very personal process. In some cases, colors or patterns may already be a common part of their life. I will discuss the basic shapes and colors and what I feel they mean. I am respectful of how people interpret them and let them explore in their own way what meaning the Mandalas hold for them. Three final 11x17” prints are given. They include a line drawing, a black and white print and a color version. In addition to these a large 24”x 24” color print is provided. The three 11”x17” versions include your name and a personalized affirmation. The 24” x 24” does not. They are all printed on a sturdy coated stock with a high-resolution ink jet printer. All are suitable for framing


The starting price is $500 per Mandala. This includes: the initial channeled session, the three 11”x 17” prints, the larger 24”x 24” color print and the follow up session.


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A Sample of Line, B&W Print and Color Mandalas

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